I want to tell

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  • Rachel

    Sorry for an ordinary question but how does mass media play a role in your art?
  • Dmitry Shorin

    Bram Stoker's Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola, 1992). Because it is about empyreal love.
  • Jimmy P.

    Sorry for such an ordinary question, but what's your favourite movie and why?
  • Dmitry Shorin

    I understood there exist other planets here, on Earth.
  • Kris

    I really love your "Indian" paintings! I have never been in India myself, but when I enjoy your works I have a strange feeling that it was an episode from my life. What was the brightest impression from your travel?
  • Dmitry Shorin

    I will be so happy to start making movies, because I have many interesting ideas, but I simply don't have time for this. I dream about having, for example, a free year or maybe two years, then I will explore a new path.
  • Julia

    Dmitry, your style in painting is so unusual and brilliant (composition, color, subject), but have you ever thought about a movie producthion?
  • Dmitry Shorin

    It's all about our brothers and sisters, you know. I have many friends in Ukraine and many friends, who were born in Ukraine and then immigrated. In human relationships there are no borders. Politicians imagine and create this border. It's not our business, we are straightforward, peace-minded, creative people.
  • Helga Howl

    What do you think about all this stuff around Ukraine now?
  • Dmitry Shorin

    No, I don't understand, because the complex political situation is in my head (like Pink Floyd's old song "the lunatic is in my head"). I think the policy can only be in my family, and I have pleasant, calm, conscious atmosphere in my head and in my family. So all things happens outside can not depress me. Nobody dejects me, I fell free as an artist and human being in Russia.
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