I want to tell

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  • Gamish

    But the political situation is not very.. I don't know how to say it gently, hope you understand me.
  • Dmitry Shorin

    When I go to New York, I spent almost all time preparing for my art project or exhibition, and this city inspires me very much. But I don't want to immigrate, because I prefer to live in Russia.
  • Gamish

    Why did you never think about an immigration? You should move to New York immediately!!))
  • Dmitry Shorin

    I work with Erarta Galleries (erartagalleries.com), it takes place in Zurich, London, New York and Hong Kong. We will collaborate for the next four years, so you will see our exhibitions at least once a year (sculpture and painting). And I always participate in international art fairs as well (Art Paris, Arco Madrid, Art Miami, Venice Biennale, New York Skope)
  • Korinna

    When do you have the nearest world exhibition (not in Russia, I mean)?
  • Robert

    I saw your Angel in Art Paris last year and I still can't forget it, thank you so much for an amazing experience!
  • Anna

    I just want to say that I visited the Venezia Biennale exhibition and I felt genuinely moved and impressed by your sculpture of the "I believe in angles" collection.

    Keep painting and creating, it's amazing!

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